An astrology reading is a wonderful tool to explore your talents, strengths, and challenges. It serves as a psychological lens that both informs and deepens your understanding of yourself and your moment. I strive to not only identify relevant life patterns, but to offer a context in which to explore and enhance your current experience. Our time together is often fun, illuminating, and intimate. I look forward to the opportunity of sharing it with you! 

Birth Chart Reading/Yearly Forecast: $200

A reading of your natal chart per your birth data, which includes your birth date, time and place, according to a documented source such as your birth certificate, baby book or birth announcement. Includes a yearly forecast that addresses your interests and concerns. 

Consultation/Event Timing: $50 per 15 minutes

If you would like to address a few specific issues in your life such as a relationship, career or health, or you are working with a limited budget, you may setup a mini reading over the telephone. Mini readings are great for identifying your best timing to start a business, plan a wedding, purchase a home and more.  

Relationship Reading: $275

Applicable to any type of relationship with a spouse, business partner, child or friend. Requires birth data for both individuals involved. Highly recommended to have a natal reading first. 

Rectification: $100

If you are unable to obtain a birth time according to a documented source, but would still like to get a reading, you may obtain a rectified birth chart. I would need the timing of key events in your life such as marriages, divorces, the start or end of a business partnership or any major health issues, particularly if they involve surgery. 

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